78 RPM Records

We have an interesting selection of used 78 rpm records available for sale.
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Columns in the Table
Id: Our internal product identification number.
Artist: The artist who recorded the record.
Label: The label of the company that produced the record.
Condition: The condition of the record. One * means poor. Four *'s means excellent.
Face 1 Details: The details of face 1.
Face 2 Details: The details of face 2.
Orchestra: The orchestra.
More: More information.
Price: The price of the record, in Canadian dollars, not including shipping.
Photo: A "yes" in this column can be clicked to view a photograph of the jacket.

780001 Champ Butler Columbia C1724   There'll be mournin' in the morning I apologize Skippy Martin orchestra   3.00  
780002 Edmund Ross London 1152   Say "si, Si" rumba They say the woman always pays Edmund Ros orchestra   3.00  
780003 Rosemary Clooney Columbia C2516   The ole house Hey There Buddy Cole orchestra from "the pajama game" 3.00  
780004 Frankie Yankovic Columbia C1244   Charlie was a boxer Blue skirt waltz with the Yanks with the Marlin sisters 5.00  
780005 David Carroll Mercury 70444   In a little Spanish town Bumpty bump David Carroll orchestra   3.00  
780006 Arly Nelson SRC 112   Banjo galop Mandola waltz   with the Tune Toppers 4.00  
780007 Sammy Kaye Columbia C1785   Would I mind? Del rio   Swing and sway 4.00  
780008 Barber Shop Favorites Family Library 1014 . 1-Oh How I miss you tonight. 2-Sweet Genevive 3-I wonder how the old folks are a 1-She's only a bird in a gilded cage 2-Down in the old cherry orchard 3-While st . The Melody men 5.00  
780009 Franki Carle Columbia C852   We could make such beautiful music Too many times Frankie Carle orchestra foxtrot with vocal Marjorie Hughes 4.00  
780010 Red Foley Decca 29526   Satisfied mind How about me   with Betty Foley 3.00  
780011 George Beverley Shea Singspiration 3002   The unveiled Christ Lead me gently home   Bass barytone 3.00  
780012 Buddy Clark Columbia C1385   A dreamer's holiday Envy Ted Dale orchestra with the Girl Friends 4.00  
780013 Freddie Hart Columbia C21512   Dig boy, dig Two of a kind     3.00  
780014 Frederick Gunther Columbia A898   Forging the anchor The diver   Bass 5.00  
780015 The Carlisles Mercury 70028   This heart is not for sale No help wanted     4.00  
780016 Georgia Gibbs Mercury 70517   You're wrong, all wrong Tweedle dee     5.00  
780017 George Beverley Shea Singspiration 3001   The ninety and nine Sunshine   bass barytone 3.00  
780018 Bing Crosby Decca 28511   Keep it a secret Sleigh Bell serenade John Scott Trotter orchestra   4.00  
780019 Geschwiister Wrinkler Quartet London 18008   O land am Bodensee Fliege mit mir in die heimat with orchestra in German 3.00  
780020 Einar Eksberg Sacred songs M34   The Theme of my song In my father's home   Barytone 3.00  

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