How to Find Us

We are located in Halfmoon Bay on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Photo of Flags at La Brocante

The Sunshine Coast is just north of Vancouver. Although it is on the mainland, it is not accessible by road. Most visitors travel here on BC Ferries, departing from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver and landing in Langdale.

Here's how to find us, starting from Langdale:

  • Drive straight through the traffic lights at the ferry terminal. This puts you on the highway.
  • Drive north on the highway for about 30 minutes. This will take you through upper Gibsons, then Sechelt.
  • About 5 minutes after you have passed through Sechelt, take a gentle left turn onto Redrooffs Road, just in the middle of the first highway passing lane you encounter.
  • Check your odometer when you turn off. 5 kilometers later (about 3 miles) you will see our flags (pictured above) on the right hand side. We are at the intersection of Redrooffs and Southwood Roads. You've arrived!

If the sign is out at the driveway, we are open. Please open the gate if it is closed. You will see the shop to the right.

Map showing our location.

Contact Information

8122 Redrooffs Road
Halfmoon Bay, B.C.
Canada, V0N 1Y1

(604) 885-2027


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