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Columns in the Table
Id: Our internal product identification number.
Title: The title of the video.
Actor1, Actor 2, Director: Names of lead actors and the director.
Rental: Indicates whether the video used to be a rental video or not.
Prices: Cost of video (not including shipping) in Canadian dollars.
Condition: Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, New.
Photo: A "yes" in this column can be clicked to view a photograph of the video case.

IdTitleActor 1Actor 2DirectorRentalPriceConditionPhoto
900208 28 DAYS Sandra Bullock Viggo Mortensen Betty Thomas yes $5.00 very good no
900001 91/2 WEEKS Kim Basinger Mickey Rourke Adrian Lyne no $5.00 very good 2 available no
900002 A CRY IN THE DARK SOLD Meryl Streep Sam Neill Fred Schepisi no $5.00 very good no
900374 A FEW GOOD MEN Tom Cruise Jack Nicholson Rob Reiner no $5.00 very good no
900331 A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS Clint Eastwood Marianne Koch Sergio Leone no $9.00 very good no
900214 A KILLING AFFAIR Peter Weller Kathy Baker David Saperstein no $5.00 very good no
900003 A KISS BEFORE DYING Matt Dillon Sean Young James Dearden no $5.00 very good no
900409 A MAN AND A WOMAN Anouk Aimee Jean Louis Trintignant Claude Lelouch no $8.00 very good no
900004 A MAP OF THE WORLD Sigourney Weaver Julianne Moore Scott Elliott yes $5.00 very good no
900536 A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY Will Ferrell Chris Kattan Lorne Michaels no $5.00    
900333 A PASSAGE TO INDIA Peggy Ashcroft Judy Davis David Lean no $15.00 very good no
900005 A PERFECT MURDER Michael Douglas Gwyneth Paltrow Andrew Davis no $5.00 very good no
900557 STRIP TEASE Demi Moore       5.00 very good  
900558 THE LION IN WINTER Peter O'Toole Kathrin Helpburn     5.00 very good  
900006 A TIME TO KILL Sandra Bullock Samuel L Jackson Joel Schumacher no $5.00 very good no
900216 A WALK ON THE MOON Diane Lane Viggo Mortensen Tony Goldwyn no $5.00 very good no
900268 ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE Jim Carrey Sean Young Tom Shadyac no $5.00 very good no
900522 ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE Jim Carrey Sean Young Morgan Creek no $5.00    
900529 ACE VENTURA WHEN NATURE CALLS Jim Carrey Ian McNeke Morgan Creek no $5.00    
900008 ACTION JACKSON Carl Weathers Sharon Stone Craig Baxley no $5.00 very good no
900504 PICTURE PERFECT Jennifer Aniston Kevin Bacon     $5.00 very good  
900269 AIR AMERICA Mel Gibson Robert Downey Jr Roger Spottswoode no $5.00 very good no
900009 AIR FORCE ONE Harrison Ford Gary Oldman Wolfgang Petersen no $5.00 very good no
900458 ALADDIN     Walt Disney no $9.00 very good no
900408 ALEXANDER NEVSKY Nikolai Cherkassov N P Okhlopkov Sergei Eisenstein yes $9.00 very good no
900332 ALIVE Ethan Hawke Vincent Spano Frank Marshall no $5.00 very good no
900270 AMADEUS Murray Abraham Tom Hulce Milos Forman no $5.00 very good no
900273 AMERICA AT THE MOVIES     George Stevens yes $15.00 very good no
900010 AMERICAN BEAUTY Kevin Spacey Annette Bening Sam Mendes yes $5.00 very good no
900011 AMISTAD Morgan Freeman Anthony Hopkins Steven Spielberg no $5.00 very good 2 available no
900012 AMONG GIANTS Pete Postlethwaite Rachel Griffiths Sam Miller no $5.00 very good no
900013 AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS Tom Everett Scott Julie Delpy Anthony Waller yes $5.00 very good no
900014 AND NOW MY LOVE Marthe Keller André Dussolier Claude Lelouch yes $5.00 very good no
900015 ANNA AND THE KING Jodie Foster Chow Yun-Fat Andy Tennant no $5.00 very good no
900334 APOLLO 13 Tom Hanks Kevin Bacon Ron Howard no $5.00 very good no
900556 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Tom Cruise Emmanuelle Beart     5.00 very good  
900215 ASSASSIN Robert Conrad Karen Austin Sandor Stein no $5.00 very good no
900016 AT FIRST SIGHT Val Kilmer Mira Sorvino Irwin Winkler no $5.00 very good no
900213 AT FIRST SIGHT Dan Cortese Jonathan Silverman Steven Pearl yes $5.00 very good no
900523 AUSTIN POWERS Mike Myers Elizabeth Hurley Eric's Boy no $5.00    
900217 BAD GIRLS Madeleine Stowe Andie McDowell Jonathan Kaplan   $5.00 very good no
900550 LE DINER DE CONS Thierry Lhermitte Jacques Villeret Francis Weber no 6.00 very good Pal system  
900271 BATMAN Jack Nicholson Michael Keaton Tim Burton no $5.00 very good no
900546 BEETHOVEN Charles Grodin Dean Jones Ivan Reitman no $5.00    
900528 BEN-HUR Charlton Heston Jack Hawkins William Wyler no $10.00    
900017 BESIEGED Thandie Newton David Thewlis Bernardo Bertolucci yes $5.00 very good no
900579 THE MIKADO ( Gilbert & Sullivan) Eric Donkin Gidon Saks Stratford Festival no 5.00 as new  
900336 BEVERLY HILLS COP I Eddie Murphy Judge Reynolds Martin Brest no $5.00 very good no
900337 BEVERLY HILLS COP II Eddie Murphy Judge Reynolds Tony Scott no $5.00 very good no
900512 BEYOND RANGOON Patricia Arquette F.McDormand     $5.00    

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