How to Order

To order directly from us, email us the following information about the item: the item number, description and price. Let us know where you would like the item delivered (Canada, U.S., or international) so that we can give you an estimate of the shipping costs. We will hold your item(s) for up to 14 days, to give you time to approve the shipping costs and arrange payment.

Shipping Costs

We usually ship surface mail to Canada and the U.S., with a cost of $15- $20 for the average book. (Heavier books cost more.)

Payment Methods

For convenient payment and the earliest possible delivery of your item, we offer online payment by PayPal. Please direct PayPal payments to our email address

Link to PayPal

We also accept payment by Canadian, French or U.S. cheques, and international and Western Union money orders.

If you pay by cheque, your item will be shipped after your cheque has been approved by our bank.


We are happy to provide more details upon request. Any item may be returned for refund of the item's cost. (However, you will not be refunded the shipping cost.)


Your customer information (name, address, phone number, etcetera) will never be shared under any circumstance. Strict confidentiality is preserved at all times.

Contact Information

8122 Redrooffs Road
Halfmoon Bay, B.C.
Canada, V0N 1Y1

(604) 885-2027


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