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Columns in the Table
Id: Our internal product identification number.
Title: The title of the video.
Actor1, Actor 2, Director: Names of lead actors and the director.
Rental: Indicates whether the video used to be a rental video or not.
Prices: Cost of video (not including shipping) in Canadian dollars.
Condition: Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, New.
Photo: A "yes" in this column can be clicked to view a photograph of the video case.

IdTitleActor 1Actor 2DirectorRentalPriceConditionPhoto
900019 BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE Michael Caine Sally Field Irwin Allen no $5.00 very good no
900020 BIG EASY Dennis Squaid Ellen Barkin Jim McBride no $5.00 very good no
900377 BIG JAKE John Wayne Richard Boone George Sherman no $5.00 very good no
900515 BIG NIGHT Minnie Driver Isabella Rossellini     $5.00    
900021 BIRD ON THE WIRE Goldie Hawn Mel Gibson John Badham no $5.00 very good no
900378 BLACK ROBE Lothaire Bluteau August Schellenberg Bruce Beresford no $5.00 very good no
900555 HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER Clint Eastwood       5.00 very good  
900218 BLOWBACK Mario Van Peebles James Remar Mark Lester yes $5.00 very good no
900410 BOCCACE 70 Anita Ekberg Sophia Loren Federico Fellini no $5.00 very good no
900423 BOCCACE 70 Anita Ekberg Sophia Loren Federico Fellini no $5.00 very good no
900022 BODY SHOTS Amanda Peet Sean Patrick Flanery Michael Christopher yes $5.00 very good no
900219 BOGUS Whoopi Goldberg Gerard Depardieu Norman Jewison no $5.00 very good no
900272 BORN OF FIRE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC     Peter Johnson yes $5.00 very good no
900411 BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY Tom Cruise Kyra Sedgwick Oliver Stone yes $5.00 very good no
900023 BREAKDOWN Kurt Russell Kathleen Quinlan Jonathan Mostow no $5.00 very good no
900220 BREATHLESS Richard Gere Valerie Kaprisky Jim McBride no $5.00 very good no
900024 BRING IT ON Kirsten Dunst Eliza Dushku Peyton Reed yes $5.00 very good no
900025 BUGSY Warren Beatty Annette Bening Barry Levinson no $5.00 very good no
900274 C.CHAPLIN CENTENIAL 1 Charlie Chaplin   Charlie Chaplin no $5.00 very good no
900275 C.CHAPLIN CENTENIAL 2 Charlie Chaplin   Charlie Chaplin no $5.00 very good no
900412 CAHILL John Wayne Gary Grimes Andrew McLaglen no $5.00 very good no
900538 CALL IT MURDER Humphrey Bogart Sidney Fox Chester Erskine no $5.00    
900539 CAMELOT Richard Harris Vanessa Redgrave Jack Warner no $10.00    
900380 CASINO ROYALE Peter Sellers Ursula Andress John Houston no $9.00 very good no
900026 CAUGHT Edward James Olmos Maria Conchita Alonso Robert Young yes $5.00 very good no
900460 CENDRILLON     Walt Disney no $9.00 very good no
900221 CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT Mario Van Peebles Kathleen Quinlan   no $5.00 very good no
900027 CHILL FACTOR Cuba Gooding Jr. Skeet Ulrich Hugh Johnson yes $5.00 very good no
900276 CHISUM John Wayne Forrest Tucker Andrew McLaglen no $5.00 very good no
900566 TAI-CHI David Carradine       5.00 very good  
900513 CITY OF JOY Patrick Swayze Pauline Collins     $5.00    
900341 CLEOPATRA Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Joseph Mankiewikz no $10.00 very good no
900028 CLIFFHANGER Sylvester Stallone John Lithgow Renny Harlin no $5.00 very good no
900030 COCOON (The Return) Don Ameche Wilford Brimley Daniel Petrie no $5.00 very good 2 available no
900342 COLONEL CHABERT Gerard Depardieu Fanny Ardant Yves Angelo no $5.00 very good no
900031 CONSPIRACY THEORY Julia Roberts Mel Gibson Richard Donner no $5.00 very good no
900032 CONTACT Jodie Foster Matthew McConaughey Robert Zemeckis no $5.00 very good no
900381 CONTEMPT Brigitte Bardot Jack Palance Jean Luc Godard yes $5.00 very good no
900281 CRIES FROM THE DEEP J. COUSTEAU     Jacques Gagne no $5.00 very good no
900282 CRY OF THE WILD J. COUSTEAU     Bill Mason no $5.00 very good no
900565 BEAN...THE ULTIMATE DISASTER MOVIE P. Atkinson       5.00 very good  
900033 DANCE WITH ME Vanessa Williams Chayanne Randa Haines no $5.00 very good no
900382 DANCES WITH WOLVES Kevin Costner Mary McDonnell Kevin Costner no $5.00 very good no
900034 DANGEROUS BEAUTY Catherine McCormack Rufus Sewell Marshall Herskovitz yes $5.00 very good no
900283 DANGEROUS LIAISONS Glenn Close John Malkovich Stephen Frears no $9.00 very good no
900222 DANTE'S PEAK Pierce Brosnan Linda Hamilton Roger Donaldson no $5.00 very good no
900540 DAVE Kevin Kline Sigourney Weaver Ivan Reitman no $5.00    
900383 DAY FOR NIGHT Jacqueline Bisset Jean Pierre Aumont Francois Truffaut yes $8.00 very good no
900386 DEAD POETS SOCIETY Robin Williams   Peter Weir no $5.00 very good no
900035 DEARLY DEVOTED Rose McGowan Alex McArthur Steve Cohen yes $5.00 very good no

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