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Title: Winchmore Hill
Author: Henrietta Cresswell , Illustrated by Dr John Cresswell
Publisher: Thos Hunter, Watson and Co,
Price: 125.00
Description:Hard Cover.Orange-Brown board with a design of a country house on the cover, illustrated endpapers with a drawing of the Pond.. some spotting on the cover.. Very rare second edition of Winchmore Hill, Memories of a lost village, illustrated with leaves from the Doctor sketchbook. A very unusual little book on a small village of the Dumfries area. "I have attempted in a few chapters of word painting to give some idea of how we lived in Winchmore Hills in those days". Hard brown cover with a sketch by Church Hill. 116 pages , many more sketches and photographs throughout.

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Title: Lays of the Old Clyde Shores
Author: Scott A. Boyd
Publisher: Gowans and Gray,
Price: 100.00
Description:Decorative Cloth. Very Good/No Jacket. The Lays of which this little book is composed, are an effort to refresh the native memory of the Scots with a breath of that romantic past, and to reveal it to other unfamiliar with it. Some of the sections of the book are titled: King Haco comes to Largs, The battle of the Dam, A rosary of Celtic Saints in Clyde, Tighnabruaich: three poems, The witch in jail, etc. A beautiful blue cloth cover with the illustration of an old ship and title and author name in gilt lettering. 172pages.

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Title: Dante's vision : The Vision on Hell, Purgatory and Paradise
Author: Dante Alighieri
Publisher: Frederick Warne,
Price: 75.00
Description:Very nice old copy of Dante's Vision, translated by Rev. H.F.Cary. Very hard to date that book which introductory preface is dated from 1814, the only other date being the name of the owner dating it in 1911.A large amount of notes follow the original text of Dante translated by the Reverend. So the book was published somewhere in between, Any how it is in great shape, blue hard cover, gold lettering. 436 pages. In excellent condition, 434 pages.

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Title: Evangeline
Author: Henry W. Longfellow
Publisher: H.M.Caldwell,
Price: 40.00
Description:Decorative Cloth. A very nice old copy of "Evangeline" a tale of Acadie by Henry W. Longfellow. A nice coloured country picture on the cover, a portrait of Longfellow inside. The book is a little bit tired, but still a very nice copy of 1904. 158 pages. Immortal poetry...

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Title: Poems chiefly Narrative
Author: W.L. MacDonald / F.C.Walker
Publisher: J.M.Dent and Sons
Price: 20.00
Description:Hard Cover. A selection of poems mostly narrative, but with some surprises. An old study book at some time, there are lots of annotations and writing in this book, includes some notes, glossary and bibliographical notes. Well used copy 304 pages. More annotations on the endpapers ...

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Title: The Poems of Alfred Tennyson
Author: Alfred Tennyson
Publisher: A.L.Burt Company,
Price: 35.00
Description: A very nice book of the poetry of Alfred Tennyson, all pages edges are golden, portrait of Tennyson on the front page, this book will need to be rebound anew as it is in poor condition. These simili leather covers could not endure shelf use... name and Tennysson in gilt letter, 682 pages. Was 50.00$ now 35.00$ .

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Title: Poems By E.B.Browning
Author: Elizabeth Barrett Barrett Alias Browning
Publisher: George Routledge,
Price: 35.00
Description: A hard cover older book in fair shape, the Poems of E.Browning includes: A Drama of exile, Sonnets, The lay of the brown rosary, Lady Geraldine's courtship, Rhyme of the duchess May and a lot more. Book shows some shelf wear , 316 pages. Brown cover, spine with gilt title, repaired with tape. Was 50.00 now 35.00$.

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Title: Sober Pieces and Songs
Author: William P.S. Brandson
Publisher: University Press
Price: 30.00
Description: Privately Printed. Signed by Author. A beautiful book of poetry by William Brandson, dedicated to his friend L.Glover, first edition with a note from the author but not sign edition. A very nice photo plate on front page of the author. As new. 45 pages

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Title: The White Cliffs
Author: Alice Duer Miller
Publisher: Longmans, Green and Co,
Price: 20.00
Description:Hard Cover. No Jacket. A very good copy of a first canadian edition of the poems of Alice Duer Miller. A nice booklet of 52 poems, 70 pages. Name of last owner on the front page, otherwise a very good book.

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Title: The Courtship of Miles Standish
Author: Henry W. Longfellow
Publisher: H.M Caldwell,
Price: 50.00
Description:Poor/No Jacket. A nice hard cover edition of Henry Longfellow "Courtship of Miles Standish". Many illustrations and small engravings from F.T. Merrill, George Broughton, D.C. Hitchcoc, Perkins, Rheinhart and more. This is a beautiful older book which has been damaged with time, the spine is almost gone, but the text and pages are not affected, only the cover suffered. 164 pages.

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Title: The Story of the Odyssey
Author: Alfred J. Church
Publisher: Macmillan Co,
Price: 18.00
Description:Decorative Cloth. Edited for school, this "short" story of the Odyssey, by Homer and rededited by the Reverend Alfred Church is a sampling of the great book of Homer. The first book of our civilization, fourteen chapters are there condensed in 232 pages. A nice little Macmillan pocket classics.

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Title: Chaucer's Prologue, Knight's tale, etc.
Author: Geoffrey Chaucer
Publisher: Macmillan Co,
Price: 20.00
Description:Hard Cover. No Jacket. The Macmillan Pocket Classic "Chaucer's prologue, Knight's tale, etc " by Geoffrey Chaucer is a school approach to the great classic works of Chaucer. Edited and with notes and glossary by Andrew Ingraham, the works include: The prologue to the book of the tales of Canterbury, The Knight's tale, the Nun's priest tale. A very good little book, in great condition, portrait of Chaucer on front page. 338 pages.

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Title: The Precious Earth
Author: Frederick Joseph Landers
Publisher: Landers,
Price: 50.00
Description:No Jacket. Privately Printed. Hard cover first edition of a book of poems by Frederick Joseph Landers, signed by the spouse of the author and with a handwritten letter of the same. As new very nice Poetry, 64 pages.

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Title: Prester John
Author: John Buchan
Publisher: Thomas Nelson & Sons,
Price: 25.00
Description:Good/No Jacket. A Thomas Nelson's little classic book by John Buchan on the legend of Prester John in South Africa, with map. An interesting little story. Red hard cover with gold lettering, one large spot on front cover, past owner name inside cover, otherwise a clean book. 256 pages.

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Title: Old China and Other Essays of Elia
Author: Charles Lamb
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Price: 10.00
Description:In the Riverside Press Cambridge Series, Charles Lamb classic "Old China and Other Essays of Elia" in good condition, small booklet, no dust jacket, 96 pages.

Order Now!  BookId: 000078

Title: The History of Henry Esmond
Author: William T. Thackeray
Publisher: Smith,Elder and Co,
Price: 50.00
Description:Good/Good. The history of Henry Esmond, Esq., a Colonel in the service of Her Majesty Quen Anne, written by himself. This is the first volume of William Thackeray, first edition, published in three volumes by Smith, Elder and Co. Too bad the other volumes are missing on this set, but a clean book for its age and a very nice addition to your antiquarian collection. In green hard cover, with just the title "Esmond I" on the edge in gold lettering, 344 pages.

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Title: Table Talk
Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Publisher: George Routledge,
Price: 37.50
Description:No Jacket. Table talk of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and The rime of The Ancient Mariner, Christabel, etc with an introduction by Henry Morley. A fairly old book estimated late 1800s, in good condition, but the paper if very brittle and fragile. This is a Third edition, by George Routledge, 295 pages. A very good book in green hard cover, regular shelf wear.

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Title: Final Memorials
Author: Charles Lamb
Publisher: Edward Moxon,
Price: 65.00
Description:Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. A very fine copy of Charles Lamb, Final Memorials, consisting chiefly of his letters not before published, with sketches of some of his companions. Edited by Thomas Noon Talfourd, one of his executors, this is volume II only, published in 1848 by Edward Moxon. Book is in good condition, with the regular shelf wear, but spine is starting to detach, and the name of past owner on front page. 240 pages.

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Title: The Decameron
Author: Boccaccio
Publisher: Navarre Society,
Price: 60.00
Description:Hard Cover. Good/Fine. Private Press. A very nice copy of a privately published Decameron of Boccaccio in an Unexpurgated copy. Rigg's faithful and complete translation with the Original 16 Plates by Louis Chalon, now reproduced and coloured by hand. Dust Jacket suffer some tears and shelf wear. The book itself, red Hard/cover with gold decors and lettering, shows also some wear, with one page being taped back. All (erotic) illustrations are there, and beautiful.! A very nice book for the collector. Two volumes in One . First is 332 pages , second is 404 pages.

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Title: The Works of the right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Author: Thomas Moore
Publisher: Bickers and Son,
Price: 75.00
Description:Hard Cover. Fine/No Jacket. A very nice copy of " The Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, with a memoir by James P Browne , containing extracts from the Life " by Thomas Moore. This is only volume 2, but it is self contained with the complete plays: The School for Scandal, The critic, Pizarro a tragedy, Verses to the memory of Garrick, The camp . A very good book, green Hard/cover, in fairly good condition, some shelf wear and minor spotting. 316 pages, with name of past owner on inside cover.

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Title: The Theological Student
Author: J Robinson Gregory
Publisher: Charles H Kelly,
Price: 30.00
Description:Half-Leather. No Jacket. The Theological Student, a Hand book of Elementary Theology, by J Robinson Gregory, is a limited edition of 12000, certainly designed as it says for the student in Theology. A nice litlle book half leather/half hard cover, burgundy in very good shape, just name of past owner on front page. A small index on theological and other terms used in the book at the end. 310 pages. Stamp from the past owner on the title page.

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Title: The World and Its People : The British Isles
Author: Collective
Publisher: Thomas Nelson & Sons,
Price: 45.00
Description:Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. A very nice copy of the Thomas Nelson series of The World and its People, The British Isles. Grey hard cover with black illustration and title, this book is a kind of a small geography book with lots of informative tidbits, lots of illustrations including some coloured illustrations and maps. An excellent copy 304 pages, has a stamp from some school from 1935, no other mark, spot or sign of wear.

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Title: A History of English Literature
Author: William Allan Nelson / Ashley Horace Thorndyke
Publisher: The Macmillan Co,
Price: 30.00
Description:Hard Cover. No Jacket. A very good copy of The history of English Literature by William Allan Nelson and Ashley Horace Thorndyke, both University professors. Over 70 illustrations and maps within the text, a very informative book on the English literature. 466 pages, no mark or spotting, in very good shape, small hard/cover book, just name of past owner on front indide cover. A nice frontispiece of an Equestrian portrait of Chaucer in a manuscript...

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Title: Line Upon Line 2 volumes
Author: Collective
Publisher: The Religious Tract Society,
Price: 90.00
Description:Hard Cover. As New/No Jacket. Two beautiful Hard /cover red and brown books, with 1920 decorative illustrations by the author of The Peep of the day, in the "Pilgrim Progress series ", books issued by the Religious Tract Society. Lots of beautiful coloured illustrations in both volumes. As new, a must for a collector of Christian books, Line upon Line is the second in a series of the earliest religious intructions the infant mind is capable of receiving with verses illustrative of the subject. Perfect but for the name of past owner on front page. 302 pages vol 1 , 272 pages vol 2.

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Title: The Peep of the Day
Author: Collective
Publisher: The Religious Tract Society,
Price: 100.00
Description:Half-Leather. As New/No Jacket. A very nice hard cover red book of The Religious Tract Society, with wonderful illustrations including on the 1920's cover. The "Peep of the Day" was mentionned in Anne of Green Gables by Anne Montgomery. It is part of a series of the earliest religious instruction :the infant mind is capable of receiving with verses illustrative of the subjects. Coloured illustrations by W.J.Morgan and W.S.Stacey. In perfect condition , a nice collectable. 310 pages.

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Title: The Apocalypse ( in Three Volumes )
Author: J.A. Weiss
Publisher: Charles Cook,
Price: 150.00
Description:Very Good/No Jacket. The Apocalypse, a series of special lectures on the Revelation of Jesus Christ, with revised text, by J.A.Seiss, eleventh edition. Three volumes in green hard cover, gold lettering, in perfect condition, with a photograph of the author as a frontispiece. Name of the past owner on one of the front pages. vol I 454 pages, vol II 460 pages, vol III 503 pages. A very nice and clean set, for a collector.

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Title: Week-Day Evenings Addresses
Author: Alexander MacLaren
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls,
Price: 25.00
Description:Very Good/No Jacket. Week-Day Evening Addresses delivered in Manchester by Alexander MacLaren. The title say it all, a series of lectures with such titles as : Elijah standing before The Lord, The olds store and the new, the Praying Christ .etc ...A good green hard cover clean copy, 168 pages plus lots of book advertisements ....

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Title: The Medical Follies
Author: Morris Fishbein M.D.
Publisher: Boni & Liveright, 1925
Price: 75.00
Description:Very Good/Good. A very goog hard cover copy,clean but for a coffee cup mark on the cover.The Medical Follies, an Analysis of the Foibles of Some healing Cults, Including osteopathy, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, and the Electronic Reactions of Abrams, with Essays on the Antivivisectionists, Health Legislation, Physical Culture, Birth Control and Rejunevation by Morris Fishbein. An interesting statement on the Medical Field of the 1920s... by a very serious critic, Fourth printing of this first edition. The book is in good condition. 224 pages.

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Title: Compliments of the Season
Author: Ettlinger L.D. & R.G.Holloway
Publisher: Penguin Books,
Price: 20.00
Description:Very Good/No Jacket. A small King Penguin Books, " Compliments of the Season" is in fact an History of the Christmas card by MMRS Ettlinger and Holloway. Very interesting little book with coloured illustrations of the most famous christmas cards including he first one ever made in 1843, about 58 pgs.

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Title: Presentation of a Limited Edition Set
Author: Kingsley Charles, Illustrated by Original Drawings.
Publisher: Fred De Fau & Co,
Price: 50.00
Description: This is not really a book, but a presentation for a future edition, which was to be limited and numbered in 1000 copies by De Fau & Co, and covering all the complete works of Charles Kingsley. Some wonderful original illustrations which were to be spread through the 14 volumes of the final printing. This is One of a Kind type of document and of a very large interest for somebody who wants a first look at the way books can be presented. Some spotting on the pages and half-leather cover is torn, but the nine illustrations are fantastic! iincluding portrait of Kingsley , about 40 pgs

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