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Columns in the Table
Id: Our internal product identification number.
Title: the title of the cassette.
Artist: The artist who recorded the cassette.
Label: The label of the company that produced the cassette.
Condition: The condition of the cassette. One * means poor. Four *'s means excellent.
Songs: A list of the songs on the cassette.
Genre: The genre of the cassette.
Price: The price of the cassette, in Canadian dollars, not including shipping.
Photo: A "yes" in this column can be clicked to view a photograph.

A000001 25 all times christmas songs Starlite pop orchestra madacy tpxa-10-2 *** Jingle bells/ Joy to the world/ Gloria a Jesu/ Alleluia di Natale christmas 1.95  
A000002 Express Love and Rockets vertigo 830-458-4 pop *** It could be sunshine/ Kundalini Express/ Yin and Yang the flower pot man/ All in my mind rock 4.95  
A000003 A mis hermanos Ura Zapi   *** A mis hermanos/ A Karita/ Plegaria a Ngenechen/ Entre amigos international 3.95  
A000004 Hold on Connie Scott Image 7 IC7818 *** You'll never know/ You never leave me longing/ Hold on / Heartsong pop 3.95  
A000005 Naughty Adamski MCAC 10459 *** Seq Rok/ Born to be alive/ Time capsule/ Hard drugs, soft flesh rock 4.95  
A000006 Deseret music sampler various artists   *** Share the joy/ This is the story/ Simon Peter/ Call of our father sampler 1.95  
A000007 Press on Joe English MB 6750 *** Stop/ Echoes of the spirits/ Power of prayer/ All my heart spiituality 4.95  
A000008 Human wheels John Mellencamp Polygram 314518 *** When Jesus left Birmingham/ Junior/ Suzanne and the jewels/Sweet evening breeze rock 4.95  
A000009 Secret Tracks various artists Select *** The shamen/ Cud/ Suede/ Flash Faction rock/ electronic 6.95  
A000011 Phantoms Fixx (The) MCAC 5507 *** Lose Face/ Less cities, more moving people/ Question in suspence/ Are we ourselves rock 3.95  
A000012 H20 Daryl Hall/John Oates AFK1 4383 *** Maneater/ Crime pays/ Family man/ Italian girls rock 6.95  
A000013 Ah Cappella ! Party fever   *** Shelly/ Too old to die young/ Spanish Harlam/ Hallelujah   1.95  
A000014 The day that love walked in David Houston Epic ET31385 *** The day that love walked in/ Mountain of love/ We got love/ Just a little lovin' country 3.95  
A000015   Lionel Richie M4 6007 *** Serves you right/ Wandering/ Round and round/ Truly rock 2.95  
A000016 Do America (motion picture)Geffen Beavis and Butt-head   *** True cool guys/ Love rollercoaster/ No doubt/ Madd head movie track 4.95  
A000017 Morning Dance Spyro Gyra INFC9004 *** Morning dance/ Jubilee/ Rasul/ Heliopolis rock 6.95  
A000018 Rockihnroll Greg Kihn X85-10069 *** Valerie/ The breakup song/ Sheila/Nothin' gonna change rock 6.95  
A000019 Cowboys from hell Pantera ATCO 79 13724 *** Cowboys from hell/ Primal concrete sledge/ Shattered clash with reality/ medecine man rock 6.95  
A000020 Hack Information society   *** Seek 200/ How long/ Hard currency/move out rock 2.95  
A000021   Robbie Robertson M5 24160 *** Fallen angel/ Showdown at big sky/ American roulette/ Somewhere down the crazy river rock 5.95  

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